Company history.

Tropical Gate headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria, has been providing logistic services for over 15 years. Initially founded as a traditional truckload carrier, Tropical Gate has diversified itself as a true logistic solutions provider and technology innovator, committed to delivering unique, high-value and customized solutions to its customers.

  • 2004 Start in Lagos, Nigeria.

    Tropical Gate was founded in September of 2004 by Apostle Mbaigbo Nnamdi as an accountable logistic Agent. When he start this company, it took him the values of hard work and dedication to service as the founding principles of Tropical Gate Ltd.

  • 2005 Expanded its core territory

    Throughout the mid to late 2005, Tropical Gate expanded its core territory to cover the entire Mid-Atlantic region, growing both organically and through acquisition; as well as offering its customers logistic services. By 2006, Tropical Gate was operating in different states and had finished completion of its current corporate headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria. It was at this time Tropical Gate Ltd broadened its services by unveiling a non-asset based Logistics division to offer customers 36 state capability through a strategic partner network.

  • 2006 Merge with privately held LTL carrier

    In 2006, Tropical Gate Ltd announced its intentions to merge with privately held LTL carrier, PITT OHIO, to offer both customer bases an unmatched network of asset and non-asset based services for both LTL and Truckload. The customer centric philosophies that brought the companies together serves as a backbone of the partnership, which continues to evolve today.

  • 2007 Introduced on-board computing systems

    Understanding the critical link in the customer supply chain, Tropical Gate Ltd introduced on-board computing systems in each of its tractors in late 2007. This breakthrough enabled Tropical Gate customers the ability to track and trace their freight in real time on the company website; as well as providing up to the minute critical data events via email and electronic data interchange (EDI).

  • 2016 Present

    Today, Tropical Gate Ltd operates more than 50 tractors and 300 trailers in its terminal network throughout the West coast region. Our hybrid approach to Logistics services provide our customers the flexibility in their supply chain to meet even their toughest challenges. Tropical Gate’s customer centric philosophy is centered around delivering high-value, cost effective logistic solutions that are truly customized to your needs.